Running recap: Crash and Burn

Good morning Monday folks! I’m linking up with  HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddling for my most pitiful running recap in the history of running recaps.

The theme for last week:


Quick recap: None this week…I’m just going to jump right into the mayhem that was supposed to be my “reset” week.

Running, April 3-9

Monday, 4/3: Rest. Day.

Tuesday, 4/4: 3 easy miles, 9:51 pace. Tired but fine.

Wednesday, 4/5: 3.2 miles, 9:23 pace.  Tempo-ish was the name of the game.

Thursday, 4/6: Rest day #2! I was fully planning to run but my shin was feeling weird (likely due to tight calves? Aka the bane of my existence) so I decided to rest. Instead, I ate pizza on the couch and watched Modern Family. This was the beginning of the end. If only I had known… (I know, such drama).

Friday, 4/7: 3.8 miles, 9:46 pace. Overall I felt tired but fine. Thankful for beautiful Friday weather.

Saturday, 4/8: 4.6 miles of run/walk, 11:35 pace. Also known as: The day it all fell apart. I stretched like a boss and did everything I “should” but my run fell apart only 3 miles in. I ended up having to cut it short and run/walk the rest of the way home. Tight calves, shin pain that was bad enough to make me worry about a possible stress fracture, and just straight up misery. I probably shouldn’t have run but at this point in the game I was still in denial.

Sunday, 4/9: 6 miles on the spin bike, 30 minutes total. Felt sweaty and amazing and hearkened back to my good old Triathlon Club days of yore. Made me optimistic that not running for a while will be okay.

Total mileage:

  • Running:
  • Cycling: 6 miles

Notes: Meh. That is all. I spent all of Saturday in a weird funk because I was finally getting to a place of solid mileage and I don’t know where everything went wrong. Well, actually I kind of do…1) lots more time on my feet at work and walking to/from the bus station. 2) Old ass running shoes. I didn’t think they were that old, but I glanced back at my orders and I bought them in August 2016. Before a half marathon. 2a) Wearing worn out sneakers to work. 3) Not enough stretching to compensate for 1, 2, or 2a. My hips and calves are tight all the freaking time.

Yoga classes: big fat 0. Clearly a mistake.

Goals for the week: Originally it was to run more. But now, I have several new goals:

  1. Wear my compression socks and do at least 15 minutes of yoga every night
  2. Actually go to yoga this week
  3. No running – cycling and running will be the name of the game
  4. Order new shoes. Both for running and for work.
  5. I’m convinced that I have a bad case of mega tight muscles but if pain continues, go to the doc.

Taking forced time off from running SUCKS. But in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather hit this road bump and get healthy now vs deal with injuries/issues when it actually matters (during marathon season).

So. C’est La Vie!

♥ Nicole



8 thoughts on “Running recap: Crash and Burn”

  1. I’m sorry you have to take a running break. It looks like you made the most of what you could do! I hope your calves and shins feel better – I’m sure getting new sneaks will help a great deal!


  2. I really hope you feel better with some rest and new shoes! Sometimes thats all it takes. Why do we always go into denial the first few days that we notice a running-related pain?


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