Tuesday on the Run

Weekly recap + Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was a disturbingly easy Monday (and I loved every second of it). So. Here’s to hoping that Tuesday is an equally laid back Tuesday! I’m linking up with MCM Mama, Patty, and Marcia.

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First off, here is my week in workouts, as captured by my iPhone:

Notes: Can we just talk about how I did THREE strength training workouts last week? Go. Me. Also, I totally planned to run Saturday and/or Sunday but ended up not lacing my shoes in an effort to stave off some calf tightness that was creeping up on me. I am SO paranoid of any uncomfortable feeling in my shins/calves now. In reality, I should have taken Friday completely off so I could do a longer run Saturday but lesson learned.

Goals for the week: More running, rest when I need to. I’d like to start working on some longer runs, so if that means more mileage but fewer days running during the week I’m okay with that for now…I keep reminding myself that I just need to get myself healthy and strong to the start of marathon training!


Unfortunately, my mom lives in another state. And I won’t get to see her. Literally heartbroken over that fact, but I will get to see my dad and sister + mother in law and get to spend time in one of my favorite cities)…so there’s that. Instead of being all mopey, I’m planning my “ideal” Mother’s Day weekend as if my mom were in town:

1. BRUNCH. Does this even need an explanation?


2. Run/walk. Duh. I love to run. My mom is more of a walker, so I’d love to jog and stroll along the river with her.


3. Coffee & chocolate. I definitely inherited my love for both from my mom. She taught me to appreciate a good coffee and embrace being a chocolate snob.


4. Shopping. While I did NOT inherit a love for shopping from my mom, I love browsing boutiques and know that it makes her happy.


How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you go all out?!

♥ Nicole