Motivation, Training log

Guess who’s back?!

*Tap tap* is this thing on?

It’s only been, oh, 2 months since my last post. Only.

But it was a much needed 2 month break. I traveled a bunch, I helped my best friend got married, and I attempted to get my sh*t together.

Because life is hard and I was BURNED out from putting so much effort into everything: into work, into running, into fundraising, into being married, into friendship.

I went a little coo coo. And by coo coo I mean I fell into some not so great habits of not eating enough, working out too much, and judging myself so harshly for every single flaw.

But I gave myself time to recharge and to remember what matters and I’m at a much better place now. Marathon training has started, yoga is awesome, I’m all about some self care (as icky as I feel like that phrase sounds), and I feel like I have a “new” outlook on my life.

So. I’m back!

đŸ’— Nicole