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Guess who’s back?!

*Tap tap* is this thing on?

It’s only been, oh, 2 months since my last post. Only.

But it was a much needed 2 month break. I traveled a bunch, I helped my best friend got married, and I attempted to get my sh*t together.

Because life is hard and I was BURNED out from putting so much effort into everything: into work, into running, into fundraising, into being married, into friendship.

I went a little coo coo. And by coo coo I mean I fell into some not so great habits of not eating enough, working out too much, and judging myself so harshly for every single flaw.

But I gave myself time to recharge and to remember what matters and I’m at a much better place now. Marathon training has started, yoga is awesome, I’m all about some self care (as icky as I feel like that phrase sounds), and I feel like I have a “new” outlook on my life.

So. I’m back!

đŸ’— Nicole



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April recap + May goals

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking up with MCM Mama, Patty, and Marcia

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April recap

  • Finish reading The Nest. For real this time, guys.

Um…yeah this didn’t happen. But I listened to A LOT of podcasts. Does that count

  • Continue yoga once a week

Yes! Plus some. I’ve totally learned to embrace home practice and have noticed a huge change in my body since doing more yoga

  • Launch my charity auction for Team for Kids!

Done!! Check out all of the awesome swag up for bid here!

  • Try my hand at freezer meals that are prepped on Sunday

So I didn’t try freezer meals. But I started making big batches of food on Sunday evenings, which lasted for 3 or 4 dinners. Much, much, much easier than worrying about cooking after work

  • TBD…I want to do something exciting this month, I just don’t know what yet!

I went on a girl’s trip this past weekend! I 100% needed some gal pal time and it was great to catch up/disengage from the “real world”.

Running recap, April 24-30

Monday, 4/24: REST freaking DAY!

Tuesday, 4/25: kettle bell workout + 3.1 mile run. My legs felt like pure jello getting on the treadmill after doing squats and lunges but I am SO proud of myself for being brave enough to do some strength training. Lame, but I was super intimidated by strength training.

Wednesday, 4/26: ~11 mile bike ride with super sore quads. I watched the newest episode of Jane the Virgin to help pass my time

Thursday, 4/27: 1 hour yoga class

Friday, 4/28: 3.2 mile pyramid run, 9:17 pace. This was the first “speedier” run I’ve done since my shin debacle and it felt surprisingly good

Saturday, 4/29: 3.7 hot as hades miles, 9:57 pace. My body glide definitely betrayed my poor thighs. Hello chub rub.

Sunday, 4/30: semi-rest day. 5 mile pre-brunch hike.

Total mileage:

  • Running: 10 miles
  • Cycling: 11 miles
  • Hiking: 5 miles

May goals

1. Strength train 1-2x per week

2. Maintain some sort of balance. I have a MILLION obligations coming up so it’s highly likely that blogging will take a little bit of a back seat so I can have some sort of zen time not in front of a screen at night

3. Continue cross training. My body has been loving not running all day every day and I feel like this is a great way to build my fitness before marathon training

4. Enjoy. I want to stop and smell the roses and really take in all of the awesome things that May will bring.

And remember…

♥ Nicole

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Running recap: basebuilding, continued


Y’all, I apologize in advance for this super brief training recap. Saying that I need sleep is the biggest understatement of the day. Coffee will literally be my best friend today…

PS I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddling today. Happy Monday!

Running, March 27-April 2

Monday, March 27: 3.1 miles, 9:29 pace. On the treadmill and I felt surprisingly good. Earlier in the afternoon I suffered through a challenging meeting so it was nice to just completely zone out.

Tuesday, March 28: 3 miles, 10 pace. Also on the treadmill because apparently this was the week of treadmill runs. Theme of today: tired/over it. My hip felt pinchy/awkward but thankfully some good deep stretching and pigeon pose ironed that out.

Wednesday, March 29: 4 miles, 9:34 pace. You guessed it…on the treadmill

Thursday, March 30: Yoga, glorious yoga. Stretching + much needed zen

Friday, March 31: 3.7 miles OUTSIDE, 9:54 pace. I was exhausted by this point in the week but it was nice to be out in the beautiful weather and fresh air.

Saturday, April 1: Rest. Freaking. Day.

Sunday, April 2: 3.2 mile super duper easy run after brunch, 11:00 pace. I felt like a busted biscuit can in my tights thanks to a delicious brunch but it was so nice to run with friends

Total mileage: 17 miles

Notes: Last week was HARD. Work was hard, I felt like I wasn’t sleeping well, and I was putting pressure on myself to run the same amount, even though I knew I was going out of town over the weekend. 

Yoga classes: 1

Goals for the week: Reset. Let myself be “lazy”, put less pressure on myself to run like a crazy person during the week, and just try to relax. With ideally some longer weekend runs.

Here’s to a better week!

♥ Nicole