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Sunday Funday: Why I Run

Today has been the most epically relaxing Sunday. I was super cool last night and went grocery shopping at 7:30 pm and, since grocery shopping is usually a Sunday chore, that left my Sunday wide open.

Literally the best.


My day has been solely dedicated to drinking coffee, catching up on my daily reading, watching news, and thinking about running.

Yep, a whole “category” of my Sunday is thinking about running.

Running has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Mostly regarding why I run. For health? Sure. For vanity? Maybe a little. For wine and pizza? Yep.

But Kate’s thoughts on motivation got me thinking a little bit deeper. It’s easy for me to get caught up in the miles and forget exactly why I’m running in the first place:


Why do you run?!

💗 Nicole

30 day writing challenge: day 7

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Thoughts during a treadmill run

The treadmill has been my bestie lately, even if we totally have a love/hate relationship. But I’ve yet to regret a run…

1. I just really don’t want to do this…can’t I stay on the couch instead?!

2. Ok…I’ll go for at least 30 minutes.

3. But I’ll first take 30 minutes to get changed and eat some chocolate and clean the apartment

4. *finally walking to gym* I’m already tired

5. *hopping on treadmill* Ughhhh. I’ll take it easy

6. Spend 5 minutes warming up and realize that my legs don’t feel half bad

6a. But it still early enough in the run that I still pretty much just want to stop. I’ll stare at the hot firefighters across the street. They’ll entertain me.

7. Pump my jams and increase speed from warm up to “oh hey I’m actually running quick” speed

7a. Gah I am so out of shape. When did this even happen?

8. All bets are off when a great song on my playlist comes on…speed increases a little more.

8a. This is funnnnnnn.

9. Wow, maybe I’m in better shape than I thought.

9a. I hope the person on the treadmill next to me isn’t racing me…

10. That was the best run ever, can’t wait until tomorrow!

10a. Now what’s for dinner?!


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4

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To run commute or not to run commute

That is the question.

My morning usually goes like this:

  • Between 5:15-5:45 (depending on my schedule at the hospital) – drag myself out of bed
  • Spend 45 minutes to 1 hr drinking coffee/having breakfast/catching up on the news/blogging and getting ready
  • 20-25 minute drive to hospital staff parking lot
  • 5-15 minute wait on shuttle (they depart every 15 minutes so depending on when I show up, I have varying wait times)
  • 15-20 minute shuttle ride to hospital


All in all, my daily commute can take almost an hour. Mostly because I have to drive past the hospital to get to the parking lot and then backtrack on the shuttle. There is a closer lot but since I’m a newbie I unfortunately don’t have authorization to park there. However…the closer lot is only 2.5 miles away from my apartment.

Which, when I’m sitting in parking lot traffic in the evening, makes run commuting super duper appealing.

Run commuting is exactly what it sounds like. Running to and from work rather than relying on a car, bike, or public transit.



  • More mileage, which will be useful during marathon training
  • Less frustration with traffic in the afternoon
  • Save money on gas!
  • Eliminate having to backtrack during my commute
  • Endorphins


  • I live in Atlanta…sweat will happen. Not a big deal in the afternoon but not ideal before morning patients
  • Weather. Again, not a big deal in the afternoon but not ideal in the morning
  • What if I’m sick or extra exhausted/have a super early morning?
  • Limits to what I can carry. Most days I carry lunch, water, coffee, paperwork, etc. That would probably need to be pared down.
  • Traffic

Some run commute resources:

Basically, the articles boil down to a few key points. 1) It’s all about planning. Planning your route, planning your outfit, planning to leave dry clothes at work. 2) You probably won’t look perfect when you arrive…own it. 3) Invest in a good backpack and good dry shampoo.

My favorite suggestion was to take public transit to work in the morning (possible for me, may just take some experimentation) and run home in the afternoon when it doesn’t matter how nasty/sweaty you get.

Will I ever run commute? In an ideal world, I would love to. Realistically, I’m not 100% convinced yet. It’ll take some weekend practice, lots of planning, and some chutzpah for me to get up the nerve to actually run commute.

Would you ever consider run commuting? Why or why not?

♥ Nicole


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Now that I care about running again…

…I guess I can think about some serious base training.

And by serious, I mean run more than 15 miles in a week.


I spent quite a bit of time browsing McMillan Running and, while I currently have NO idea which plan I’ll ultimately use for marathon training, I was drawn to the logical breakdown of how to determine what base training should look like.

Part I

Step 1: Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

  • Tortoise vs hare: Definitely a tortoise. I much prefer Long Slow Distance to repeats on the track (although I do love me a good tempo run now and then)
  • Major weakness: I don’t stretch enough and I hate doing repeats on a track.
  • Strength: All about lots of comfy miles
  • Considerations for base training: I want to rebuild endurance without burning myself out

Step 2: Evaluate Your Race Distance

McMillan Running: Evaluate Your Race Distance

Although I am running a 10k in July, my ultimate goal is a marathon in November. If I had to, I’d say the marathon is my “A” race while the 10k is my “B” race that I’m pretty much running for funsies.

Step 3: Evaluate Your Goal

In an ideal world, I’d beat my previous marathon time of 4:55. But I want to balance that goal with the fact that I’m running New York with my best friend and I want to be able to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience with her without stressing to much about time or pace. I know we’ll want to take in the sights and enjoy the NYC vibe. With that being said, I want to be prepared so I don’t hit the wall and end up hating every mile.

Part II

Step 1: How Long Until Race Day?

A freaking long time. More specifically, 8 months. McMillan recommends at least 12 weeks of base training and, considering that I’ll be starting marathon training at the beginning of July, I have a good 16 weeks to focus on endurance and building mileage healthily.

Step 2: Assigning phases to each week

  • Weeks 1-8: Endurance
  • Weeks 8-12: Stamina
  • Weeks 12-13: Speed
  • Weeks 14-16: Peak (aka cutting back before Peachtree/giving myself a little break before marathon training begins)
  • Note to self: These aren’t strict…if I feel like doing a tempo run or repeats during weeks 1-8 I’m not going to stop myself. But it gives me a good training backbone

Step 3: Weekly Mileage

  • 2-3 “up weeks”
  • 1 “down week”
  • McMillan recommends regular races during down weeks but as of right now, I don’t have any races planned until July

Step 4: The Long Run

  • At least 1 run a week that lasts between 1:45-2:30 hours
  • “Two hours is better and should be the rule during the base-building weeks prior to beginning the specific training part of your program”

Step 5: The Primary Workout

  • Should coincide with the phase of base building, ex: “If the phase is Speed, then the primary workout will be a Speed workout”

Full disclosure, there are steps 6-8 listed on McMillan’s article. But going along with my strong desire to not get burned out before an actual training cycle even starts I decided to draw the line at step 5. I also plan on re-reading my Hansons books and just overall immersing myself in some good ole running love over the next 16 weeks. The more fun, the better…amiright?!

Oh and…TGIF!!!

♥ Nicole


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Oh hi…

The last time I posted, it was December and I was preparing for a big move from New England to Atlanta. Well, now it’s February, and my husband and I have pretty nicely settled into our new neighborhood. Restaurants within walking distance, a GYM! in our apartment building, and tons of new cool places to run.

In addition to moving, I started a brand new, pretty challenging but amazing job in January and have finally hit my stride as far as routine and running schedule. Also, now that I’m not miserable at work all day every day, I’m finally excited about running and training again. Yay times a million!


2017 running highlights:

  • Joined the Atlanta Track Club in January!
  • Ran a small local 5k in a great for me time and somehow managed 2nd place in my age group
  • Peachtree Road Race in July! (one of the major perks of ATC membership is guaranteed entry into the race)
  • New York City Marathon training will also start in July
  • October is the fundraising deadline for Team for Kids. I’m not going to lie, fundraising has been more challenging than I imagined so I’ll likely be getting creative…
  • November = NYCM!

So, long story short: more miles and more happiness! I have been logging pretty low mileage lately, my main goal for the next couple of months is to build a better base to position myself for healthy and fun marathon training.

♥ Nicole