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Team for Kids Charity Auction, take 2

Ok guys, the charity auction is over but I still have some leftover awesome items!!! So, here comes Charity Auction, take 2!

100% of the proceeds from this auction will go directly to support Team For Kids and their effort to provide free or low cost health/running programs for school age children across the United States.

So how does this work? First, read the rules post here.
– Second, find something you like and place your bid!
– Email me at with your bid amount and which lot you are bidding on. I will post the highest bid below the lot and update as I get more bids so keep checking back!
– Want to outbid someone? Remember, each bid must be at least $10 more than the previous bids.
What happens when you win? I will email the winners and you will have 24 hours to make your donation in the correct amount to my Team For Kids page!

The auction will end on 6/12/2017 at 8:00pm!

Mother runner package

  • Tales from Another Mother Runner (signed) + Train Like A Mother sticker + Badass Mother Runner sweaty band (color may vary) ($30 value)
  • $15 Road ID gift card
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a

Safety package 1 

  • WearSafe pod (white)+ 1 year of service ($72 value!)
  • $15 Road ID gift card
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a

Safety package 2 

  • WearSafe pod (gray)+ 1 year of service ($72 value!)
  • $15 Road ID gift card
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a



  • 2 10-count boxes of SOS Rehydrate ($40 value)
  • SOS Rehydrate bottle ($10 value)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a


  • Trigger Point prize package: GRID foam roller, MB1 Massage Ball, & NANO foot roller ($80 value)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a

Snack bonanza 1

  • Bakery on Main granola bar sampler ($50 value)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a

Snack bonanza 2

  • Bakery on Main granola snack pack sampler – 1 oz packages ($65 value)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a
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Charity Auction Rules & Logistics!

Today on Thinking Out Loud, my thoughts will be a little less random…they will be dedicated to telling you all about my upcoming charity auction!!!


Here’s what you need to know:

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Team for Kids. Literally every dollar is used to support youth running programs to help combat childhood obesity, promote healthy lifestyles, and support teamwork.

The auction will last two weeks, with bidding closing at 8:00 pm EST on Monday, June 12. 

Each lot will have a minimum bid of $25. The total value of each item will also be posted. 

Once the auction is live, all bidders will need to e-mail me at with the name and number of the lot they wish to bid on and the dollar amount of their bid.

Each lot must be raised by $10, minimum, each time; bids raised by less than $10 will not be accepted.

To place an official bid, you must email me at

If there is a tie for a particular lot, I will draw the involved names from a bowl and choose a random winner.

Once the auction closes, I will email the winners. Once you receive a YOU WON email from me, you will then need to donate the specified amount to my Team for Kids page within 24 hours. I will also contact you regarding your mailing address and/or any other contact information needed for you to receive your items.

The winner has 24 hours to make the online donation. If in that time frame the donation is not made, the next highest bidder will be contacted or the item will go back up for auction.

Some cool things to look forward to:

…and more!!!

Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions you have! I am beyond excited about all of the awesome swag that will be featured in this auction and am looking forward to this new challenge!

♥ Nicole

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Giving Tuesday: Tunes, & Charity auction update


Good morning, y’all. Happy Tuesday? Yep, Happy Tuesday. I’m linking up with Marcia and Kooky Runner today!

Yesterday was a TOUGH day at work. Can I just sleep through the rest of this week please? Since I can’t, I made myself a “pump up playlist” so I can make it through the rest of the week without needing to cart a bottle of wine around with me. Ha.

Check it out here (on Spotify).

My all time favorite song on that playlist?

Do you run with music? Sometimes I’m all about music, sometimes I’m all about podcasts.

I am also SO incredibly excited about what I will be able to offer during the charity auction you guys! The running community is such an amazing group of people, I can’t even.

Look forward to awesome offerings from:

And there’s more coming down the pipeline so stay tuned!!!

♥ Nicole