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Team for Kids Charity Auction, take 2

Ok guys, the charity auction is over but I still have some leftover awesome items!!! So, here comes Charity Auction, take 2!

100% of the proceeds from this auction will go directly to support Team For Kids and their effort to provide free or low cost health/running programs for school age children across the United States.

So how does this work? First, read the rules post here.
– Second, find something you like and place your bid!
– Email me at with your bid amount and which lot you are bidding on. I will post the highest bid below the lot and update as I get more bids so keep checking back!
– Want to outbid someone? Remember, each bid must be at least $10 more than the previous bids.
What happens when you win? I will email the winners and you will have 24 hours to make your donation in the correct amount to my Team For Kids page!

The auction will end on 6/12/2017 at 8:00pm!

Mother runner package

  • Tales from Another Mother Runner (signed) + Train Like A Mother sticker + Badass Mother Runner sweaty band (color may vary) ($30 value)
  • $15 Road ID gift card
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a

Safety package 1 

  • WearSafe pod (white)+ 1 year of service ($72 value!)
  • $15 Road ID gift card
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a

Safety package 2 

  • WearSafe pod (gray)+ 1 year of service ($72 value!)
  • $15 Road ID gift card
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a



  • 2 10-count boxes of SOS Rehydrate ($40 value)
  • SOS Rehydrate bottle ($10 value)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a


  • Trigger Point prize package: GRID foam roller, MB1 Massage Ball, & NANO foot roller ($80 value)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a

Snack bonanza 1

  • Bakery on Main granola bar sampler ($50 value)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a

Snack bonanza 2

  • Bakery on Main granola snack pack sampler – 1 oz packages ($65 value)
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Current winning bid: n/a
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Charity Auction Rules & Logistics!

Today on Thinking Out Loud, my thoughts will be a little less random…they will be dedicated to telling you all about my upcoming charity auction!!!


Here’s what you need to know:

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Team for Kids. Literally every dollar is used to support youth running programs to help combat childhood obesity, promote healthy lifestyles, and support teamwork.

The auction will last two weeks, with bidding closing at 8:00 pm EST on Monday, June 12. 

Each lot will have a minimum bid of $25. The total value of each item will also be posted. 

Once the auction is live, all bidders will need to e-mail me at with the name and number of the lot they wish to bid on and the dollar amount of their bid.

Each lot must be raised by $10, minimum, each time; bids raised by less than $10 will not be accepted.

To place an official bid, you must email me at

If there is a tie for a particular lot, I will draw the involved names from a bowl and choose a random winner.

Once the auction closes, I will email the winners. Once you receive a YOU WON email from me, you will then need to donate the specified amount to my Team for Kids page within 24 hours. I will also contact you regarding your mailing address and/or any other contact information needed for you to receive your items.

The winner has 24 hours to make the online donation. If in that time frame the donation is not made, the next highest bidder will be contacted or the item will go back up for auction.

Some cool things to look forward to:

…and more!!!

Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions you have! I am beyond excited about all of the awesome swag that will be featured in this auction and am looking forward to this new challenge!

♥ Nicole

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Giving Tuesday: charity auction spotlight and thoughts about the Boston Marathon!

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday! I’m linking up with Marcia and Kooky Runner today.

T-minus 6 days to Charity Auction Day!

Which brings me to my first charity auction spotlight: WearSafe

Why is WearSafe awesome?

1. I feel safe. That says a lot.

2. All you need is an app and the tag. I rarely run alone without my phone so remembering one extra piece really is not a big deal.

3. It was created in my home state of Connecticut! So a little bias there, but definitely still the bomb dot com.

4. Again with the bias, but as an audiologist I LOVED LOVED LOVED this case study done at the American School for the Deaf. If you’re looking to nerd out, read it here. Sure, I’ll definitely wear it running and but I love knowing that I’m supporting a company with a conscience.

First impression: cute packaging!
Small, light, and discreet
Easy to pair and set up with the app!

Cool specs:
-Water resistant
-Bluetooth connection for up to a 200 foot radius from phone
-Long battery life and easy to change battery
-Clip to a keychain, wear on a lanyard, or clip it to a sports bra/waistband
-Real time feedback with the ability to create your own networks
-Share medical information
-Send alerts with location and audio

Bottom line? I love it. Not just for running, but for walking to the bus in the pre-dawn morning hours and for biking to yoga after sunset. Of course, no device will stop crazies from being crazies so I still try to be aware of my surroundings. But it’s nice to know that I have one extra layer of protection. And I know that when I’m out on the road for hours during marathon training, sometimes miles away from home, I’ll have an extra little safety net to rely on for peace of mind.

{Shameless plug: WearSafe was generous to donate 2 tags complete with a 1 year subscription to the charity auction…don’t miss out!}

We are *also* less than a week out from Marathon Monday! Most people, even non-runners, know that the Boston Marathon is a big effing deal. As a born and raised New Englander, I’ve always been pretty obsessed. And I’m not going to lie, now that I’m living in the South I’m even more obsessed. Because nostalgia. I have a long way to go but my big pre-30 goal is to qualify. Just admitting that is scary but exciting!

Boston is the best because…of the history of the race. The course has been graced by so many amazing runners

Boston is the best because…of Katherine Switzer. Paving the way for women runners everywhere.

Boston is the best because…of the city. Beautiful, scenic, and literally just the best.

Boston is the best because…of the spectators. Can you say dedicated?

Are you obsessed with Boston? 

Song of the day! Of course…The State of Massachusetts by the Dropkick Murphys

Happy Tuesday friends!

♥ Nicole

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Giving Tuesday: Tunes, & Charity auction update


Good morning, y’all. Happy Tuesday? Yep, Happy Tuesday. I’m linking up with Marcia and Kooky Runner today!

Yesterday was a TOUGH day at work. Can I just sleep through the rest of this week please? Since I can’t, I made myself a “pump up playlist” so I can make it through the rest of the week without needing to cart a bottle of wine around with me. Ha.

Check it out here (on Spotify).

My all time favorite song on that playlist?

Do you run with music? Sometimes I’m all about music, sometimes I’m all about podcasts.

I am also SO incredibly excited about what I will be able to offer during the charity auction you guys! The running community is such an amazing group of people, I can’t even.

Look forward to awesome offerings from:

And there’s more coming down the pipeline so stay tuned!!!

♥ Nicole

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Running recap: Base building week 3 and an auction!







Week 3 of base building is in the books!!! This brings us to the final week of March, how did this even happen? It was literally just February. Today, I’m linking up with HoHo Runs, MissSippiPiddlin, and Eat, Pray, Run DC!

Check out Marathons and Motivation’s blog too!

Quick recap:

  • On Friday, we found out that my husband got selected in the Peachtree Road Race lottery so we will be running the race together on the 4th of July!
  • Superhero muffins made. Yep, I baked on a Saturday night because I’m officially 80 years old.
  • I officially am addicted to This Is Us. I didn’t watch it while it was airing on TV but thanks to Hulu I’m almost through the season… #hydratingforthetears

Running, March 20-26

Monday, 3/20: Much needed rest day

Tuesday, 3/21: 3 HOT, HILLY miles @ 10:05 pace. This run marked the first 80+ degree run of 2017. Not going to lie, it was total misery and my shorts refused to stop riding up but I survived. And then chugged the biggest glass of Gatorade.


Wednesday, 3/22: 4 comfortable miles @ 9:36 pace. Done on the treadmill because I just wanted to be in a temperature controlled room with my Spotify playlists after the heated mess that was Tuesday’s run.

Thursday, 3/23: Yoga! 1 hour of glorious stretching.

Friday, 3/24: 3 easy TGIF miles @ 10:00 pace. My legs totally did not want to run but it was another one of those “I got it done” days. Friday was the first day I took the bus to work, which meant more time on my feet before and after work…plus work was BONKERS and I was running around the clinic like a crazy person. Hence the totally did not want to run feeling.

Saturday, 3/25: 4.6 bRUNch miles!!! @ 10:00 pace. The route was much hillier than I expected but it was so. worth. it. As soon as we arrived, I found myself a bubble tea and chased that with a pimento cheese club (the best sourdough in the world + pimento cheese, bacon, fried green tomatoes, roasted poblano peppers, and spicy mayo).


Sunday, 3/26: 3.7 easy miles @ 10:00 pace. Fueled by a Superhero muffin for breakfast and leftover brunch sandwich for lunch. #winning

Total mileage: 18.3 miles

Notes: I feel like I finally settled into my allergy control routine (knock on wood), which made running much easier. My legs felt pretty tired this week but the fact that I got through all of my runs mostly comfortable makes me feel like I’m making some good progress.

Yoga classes: 1

Goals for the week: Just run. I’m expecting this week to be slightly lower mileage because I’m traveling next weekend, so I’ll just call it a “cut back week”. Plus 1 yoga class!

And now for something entirely different…a charity auction! Why? As I’m sure you may have realized, I am fundraising for Team for Kids. So why not raffle off cool things and also raise money for a great cause?

I’m working on gathering items now and hopefully the auction will go live in the next few weeks. Items that I have so far include a gift card “package” (1 Starbucks giftcard – $15 and 1 ULTA giftcard – $25 for a total $40 retail value). More details to come!

So…get pumped!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in donating you can visit my Team For Kids fundraising page

♥ Nicole

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Running recap: Base building week 2 & donation prizes!


Another week of base building in the books! I’m still in the endurance phase and so far (knock on wood) everything has been smooth sailing.

March 13-19 2017

  • 3/13- rest day, I was freaking exhausted after getting less than 5 hours of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings Time
  • 3/14- 4 miles, 9:35 pace. Still tired, but glad this run happened
  • 3/15- 3 mile tempo run, 8:57 pace. Best run I’ve had in a while. My legs felt fan-freaking-tastic.
  • 3/16- restorative yoga
  • 3/17- 3 miles easy, 10:00 pace. Super tired TGIF run. Followed by an amaze balls burger and a gigantic Guinness.
  • 3/18- 4 hilly miles, 10:00 pace
  • 3/19- 3.7 miles, 9:52 pace…hilly again but the weather was perfect! Followed by squats and walking lunges

Total mileage: 18 miles

Notes: The theme of this week was definitely “exhaustion”. Starting a Monday with a sleep deficit is ROUGH. 

Yoga classes: 1

Goals for the week: stay the course. Last week I talked about keeping my mileage at 17-18 miles and had major success, so I’m hoping to get another strong week like this in the books before adding more mileage again. And uh, I’d like to be more rested this week so-sleep and yoga. 

And one more thing guys…fundraising prizes are here (and I’m 100% open to any suggestions!). My goal is to raise $1500 for Team For Kids by the end of April!


💗 Nicole

30 day writing challenge: day 8 

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and Eat Pray Run DC

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Sunday Funday: Why I Run

Today has been the most epically relaxing Sunday. I was super cool last night and went grocery shopping at 7:30 pm and, since grocery shopping is usually a Sunday chore, that left my Sunday wide open.

Literally the best.


My day has been solely dedicated to drinking coffee, catching up on my daily reading, watching news, and thinking about running.

Yep, a whole “category” of my Sunday is thinking about running.

Running has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Mostly regarding why I run. For health? Sure. For vanity? Maybe a little. For wine and pizza? Yep.

But Kate’s thoughts on motivation got me thinking a little bit deeper. It’s easy for me to get caught up in the miles and forget exactly why I’m running in the first place:


Why do you run?!

💗 Nicole

30 day writing challenge: day 7

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Giving Tuesday: Bringing communities together

You guys, this is why I’m Running for Team For Kids.

Not because I get automatic entry into the New York City Marathon (although that is a definite perk).

Not because I get anything for free (I still will pay the full registration fee + airfare + hotels).

Not because it makes me “look good”.

But because Team For Kids helps to bring communities together, inspire goal setting, and boost self esteem of children across the country.

I work at a pediatric hospital and, day in and day out, I see how much an impact a child’s daily environment makes on their healing and happiness. So why not doing something to ensure that the community and support system is strong?

💗 Nicole

30 day writing challenge: Day 2 

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It’s t-shirt pimping time…

First off…TGIF! It’s a good day…Game of Thrones announced their premier date for July 16 and today is a scheduled rest day. So really, what could be better? (Other than George RR Martin releasing the 6th book…that would definitely be better)


Ok, I know this is my second fundraising post of the week. But I am legitimately excited about this campaign: NYC Marathon t-shirts!!! 100% of the proceeds of t-shirt sales will go directly to Team for Kids (meaning literally $0 will go towards my race registration, etc…they are truly making my miles count). I know I’m constantly shouting this from the rooftops, but Team for Kids develops programs for school age children across the country that are geared towards helping them learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, make goals, and practice teamwork.

Front & Back, also available in grey! $21.99

You can buy t-shirts here. And you can share, share, share the link with anyone who loves the NYC marathon/has run the NYC marathon/wants to run the NYC Marathon! My husband and I have definitely already ordered a shirt for ourselves and I’m already contemplating ordering some for all of my runner friends.

So now is the time where I try to pimp my t-shirts and implore you to consider ordering one for yourself! The campaign ends at the end of the month! Please and thank you and a million Friday high fives.

♥ Nicole