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Giving Tuesday: charity auction spotlight and thoughts about the Boston Marathon!

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday! I’m linking up with Marcia and Kooky Runner today.

T-minus 6 days to Charity Auction Day!

Which brings me to my first charity auction spotlight: WearSafe

Why is WearSafe awesome?

1. I feel safe. That says a lot.

2. All you need is an app and the tag. I rarely run alone without my phone so remembering one extra piece really is not a big deal.

3. It was created in my home state of Connecticut! So a little bias there, but definitely still the bomb dot com.

4. Again with the bias, but as an audiologist I LOVED LOVED LOVED this case study done at the American School for the Deaf. If you’re looking to nerd out, read it here. Sure, I’ll definitely wear it running and but I love knowing that I’m supporting a company with a conscience.

First impression: cute packaging!
Small, light, and discreet
Easy to pair and set up with the app!

Cool specs:
-Water resistant
-Bluetooth connection for up to a 200 foot radius from phone
-Long battery life and easy to change battery
-Clip to a keychain, wear on a lanyard, or clip it to a sports bra/waistband
-Real time feedback with the ability to create your own networks
-Share medical information
-Send alerts with location and audio

Bottom line? I love it. Not just for running, but for walking to the bus in the pre-dawn morning hours and for biking to yoga after sunset. Of course, no device will stop crazies from being crazies so I still try to be aware of my surroundings. But it’s nice to know that I have one extra layer of protection. And I know that when I’m out on the road for hours during marathon training, sometimes miles away from home, I’ll have an extra little safety net to rely on for peace of mind.

{Shameless plug: WearSafe was generous to donate 2 tags complete with a 1 year subscription to the charity auction…don’t miss out!}

We are *also* less than a week out from Marathon Monday! Most people, even non-runners, know that the Boston Marathon is a big effing deal. As a born and raised New Englander, I’ve always been pretty obsessed. And I’m not going to lie, now that I’m living in the South I’m even more obsessed. Because nostalgia. I have a long way to go but my big pre-30 goal is to qualify. Just admitting that is scary but exciting!

Boston is the best because…of the history of the race. The course has been graced by so many amazing runners

Boston is the best because…of Katherine Switzer. Paving the way for women runners everywhere.

Boston is the best because…of the city. Beautiful, scenic, and literally just the best.

Boston is the best because…of the spectators. Can you say dedicated?

Are you obsessed with Boston? 

Song of the day! Of course…The State of Massachusetts by the Dropkick Murphys

Happy Tuesday friends!

♥ Nicole

10 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday: charity auction spotlight and thoughts about the Boston Marathon!”

  1. The Wearsafe sounds really cool – I’m glad to see more options to protect runners. Boston looks like such an amazing experience – I hope you get that BQ! Thanks for joining us for Tunes Tuesday this week!


    1. Thank you for hosting! I’m pretty far off from a BQ at the moment but there’s nothing some good, old fashioned hard work can’t accomplish.


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