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Hummmppp Dayyyy

Ok, so I totally slacked on my 10th consecutive day of posting…but for good reason! I will share soon but for now I’ll just leave my favorite picture ever here.


Happy Wednesday folks, we’re officially over the hump!

💗 Nicole

30 day writing challenge: day 10

Rando, TGIF

St Patrick’s Day Friday!

First, TGIF!!!!! 🍀🍀🍀

Second, can we talk about how awesome it is that my company gave all employees this tshirt to wear on St Patty’s Day?! Excuse the pre-ironing wrinkles…

Third, just look at this amazing green smoothie. I can’t even. All the greens today guys. 

I hope you have a spectacularly green Friday!!!

❤️ Nicole

30 day writing challenge: Day 5

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Oh hi…

The last time I posted, it was December and I was preparing for a big move from New England to Atlanta. Well, now it’s February, and my husband and I have pretty nicely settled into our new neighborhood. Restaurants within walking distance, a GYM! in our apartment building, and tons of new cool places to run.

In addition to moving, I started a brand new, pretty challenging but amazing job in January and have finally hit my stride as far as routine and running schedule. Also, now that I’m not miserable at work all day every day, I’m finally excited about running and training again. Yay times a million!


2017 running highlights:

  • Joined the Atlanta Track Club in January!
  • Ran a small local 5k in a great for me time and somehow managed 2nd place in my age group
  • Peachtree Road Race in July! (one of the major perks of ATC membership is guaranteed entry into the race)
  • New York City Marathon training will also start in July
  • October is the fundraising deadline for Team for Kids. I’m not going to lie, fundraising has been more challenging than I imagined so I’ll likely be getting creative…
  • November = NYCM!

So, long story short: more miles and more happiness! I have been logging pretty low mileage lately, my main goal for the next couple of months is to build a better base to position myself for healthy and fun marathon training.

♥ Nicole