Monthly recap, Training log

April recap + May goals

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking up with MCM Mama, Patty, and Marcia

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April recap

  • Finish reading The Nest. For real this time, guys.

Um…yeah this didn’t happen. But I listened to A LOT of podcasts. Does that count

  • Continue yoga once a week

Yes! Plus some. I’ve totally learned to embrace home practice and have noticed a huge change in my body since doing more yoga

  • Launch my charity auction for Team for Kids!

Done!! Check out all of the awesome swag up for bid here!

  • Try my hand at freezer meals that are prepped on Sunday

So I didn’t try freezer meals. But I started making big batches of food on Sunday evenings, which lasted for 3 or 4 dinners. Much, much, much easier than worrying about cooking after work

  • TBD…I want to do something exciting this month, I just don’t know what yet!

I went on a girl’s trip this past weekend! I 100% needed some gal pal time and it was great to catch up/disengage from the “real world”.

Running recap, April 24-30

Monday, 4/24: REST freaking DAY!

Tuesday, 4/25: kettle bell workout + 3.1 mile run. My legs felt like pure jello getting on the treadmill after doing squats and lunges but I am SO proud of myself for being brave enough to do some strength training. Lame, but I was super intimidated by strength training.

Wednesday, 4/26: ~11 mile bike ride with super sore quads. I watched the newest episode of Jane the Virgin to help pass my time

Thursday, 4/27: 1 hour yoga class

Friday, 4/28: 3.2 mile pyramid run, 9:17 pace. This was the first “speedier” run I’ve done since my shin debacle and it felt surprisingly good

Saturday, 4/29: 3.7 hot as hades miles, 9:57 pace. My body glide definitely betrayed my poor thighs. Hello chub rub.

Sunday, 4/30: semi-rest day. 5 mile pre-brunch hike.

Total mileage:

  • Running: 10 miles
  • Cycling: 11 miles
  • Hiking: 5 miles

May goals

1. Strength train 1-2x per week

2. Maintain some sort of balance. I have a MILLION obligations coming up so it’s highly likely that blogging will take a little bit of a back seat so I can have some sort of zen time not in front of a screen at night

3. Continue cross training. My body has been loving not running all day every day and I feel like this is a great way to build my fitness before marathon training

4. Enjoy. I want to stop and smell the roses and really take in all of the awesome things that May will bring.

And remember…

♥ Nicole