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Running favorites for the week

Whoop whoop, Hump Day! And it’s wild workout Wednesday guys! A.k.a. the day where I talk about all of my favorite running/workout things for the week! I’m linking up with Fitful Focus, The Fit Foodie Mama, Fruition Fitness, and Pretty Little Grub today.


First things first: My wild workout for today will be 4 treadmill miles! I know, completely living on the edge.

Yoga pose that I’m all about: PIGEON! Hurts. So. Good.


Squats or plank?: Plank all day, y’all. I feel like squats give good results, but sore squat legs = miserable running

Morning or evening run?: I’d 100% prefer to run in the morning. But with a 7 to 7:30 am start time at work, it’s rare that I’m up early enough to run first.

Favorite post-run snack: In an ideal world, I’d totally make a protein smoothie. But in reality, I’m lazy

Favorite running shoes: I’ve been running in Brooks Pureflow shoes since model #2. They are my all time go to running shoe.

Even in the snow!

Music or no music?: Outside = no music. On the treadmill = must have music or a podcast…and that really depends on my mood.

“Guilty” post-workout pleasure: “Guilty” in quotes because I’m one of those people that believes there’s no such thing as an off limits food. But I freaking love a good burger and fries dipped in mustard!

Best race distance: I love the half marathon distance. I’m totally focused on marathoning at the moment, but the half will always have a special place in my heart

Speed work or long, slow distance?: Long, slow distance please! Only half because I loved telling my XC teammates that I was going to do LSD.

What are your favorites this week?

Ok. Now I’m off to survive my Wednesday. Happy day, friends!

♥ Nicole


9 thoughts on “Running favorites for the week”

  1. I love your favorites survey! I might have to hijack it for my own blog. Also…this is random, but under your “Blogs I Follow” list, I’m seeing some friends of mine from my real life! Did you spend time in West Texas, by chance? Or are you involved in agriculture? Or is the world just really that small? 🙂


      1. I lived in Lubbock for a long time! That’s where I met most of those friends. Too funny!


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