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To run commute or not to run commute

That is the question.

My morning usually goes like this:

  • Between 5:15-5:45 (depending on my schedule at the hospital) – drag myself out of bed
  • Spend 45 minutes to 1 hr drinking coffee/having breakfast/catching up on the news/blogging and getting ready
  • 20-25 minute drive to hospital staff parking lot
  • 5-15 minute wait on shuttle (they depart every 15 minutes so depending on when I show up, I have varying wait times)
  • 15-20 minute shuttle ride to hospital


All in all, my daily commute can take almost an hour. Mostly because I have to drive past the hospital to get to the parking lot and then backtrack on the shuttle. There is a closer lot but since I’m a newbie I unfortunately don’t have authorization to park there. However…the closer lot is only 2.5 miles away from my apartment.

Which, when I’m sitting in parking lot traffic in the evening, makes run commuting super duper appealing.

Run commuting is exactly what it sounds like. Running to and from work rather than relying on a car, bike, or public transit.



  • More mileage, which will be useful during marathon training
  • Less frustration with traffic in the afternoon
  • Save money on gas!
  • Eliminate having to backtrack during my commute
  • Endorphins


  • I live in Atlanta…sweat will happen. Not a big deal in the afternoon but not ideal before morning patients
  • Weather. Again, not a big deal in the afternoon but not ideal in the morning
  • What if I’m sick or extra exhausted/have a super early morning?
  • Limits to what I can carry. Most days I carry lunch, water, coffee, paperwork, etc. That would probably need to be pared down.
  • Traffic

Some run commute resources:

Basically, the articles boil down to a few key points. 1) It’s all about planning. Planning your route, planning your outfit, planning to leave dry clothes at work. 2) You probably won’t look perfect when you arrive…own it. 3) Invest in a good backpack and good dry shampoo.

My favorite suggestion was to take public transit to work in the morning (possible for me, may just take some experimentation) and run home in the afternoon when it doesn’t matter how nasty/sweaty you get.

Will I ever run commute? In an ideal world, I would love to. Realistically, I’m not 100% convinced yet. It’ll take some weekend practice, lots of planning, and some chutzpah for me to get up the nerve to actually run commute.

Would you ever consider run commuting? Why or why not?

♥ Nicole


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