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Sunday Funday: Why I Run

Today has been the most epically relaxing Sunday. I was super cool last night and went grocery shopping at 7:30 pm and, since grocery shopping is usually a Sunday chore, that left my Sunday wide open.

Literally the best.


My day has been solely dedicated to drinking coffee, catching up on my daily reading, watching news, and thinking about running.

Yep, a whole “category” of my Sunday is thinking about running.

Running has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Mostly regarding why I run. For health? Sure. For vanity? Maybe a little. For wine and pizza? Yep.

But Kate’s thoughts on motivation got me thinking a little bit deeper. It’s easy for me to get caught up in the miles and forget exactly why I’m running in the first place:


Why do you run?!

💗 Nicole

30 day writing challenge: day 7

Rando, TGIF

St Patrick’s Day Friday!

First, TGIF!!!!! 🍀🍀🍀

Second, can we talk about how awesome it is that my company gave all employees this tshirt to wear on St Patty’s Day?! Excuse the pre-ironing wrinkles…

Third, just look at this amazing green smoothie. I can’t even. All the greens today guys. 

I hope you have a spectacularly green Friday!!!

❤️ Nicole

30 day writing challenge: Day 5

Racing and training, Running

Thoughts during a treadmill run

The treadmill has been my bestie lately, even if we totally have a love/hate relationship. But I’ve yet to regret a run…

1. I just really don’t want to do this…can’t I stay on the couch instead?!

2. Ok…I’ll go for at least 30 minutes.

3. But I’ll first take 30 minutes to get changed and eat some chocolate and clean the apartment

4. *finally walking to gym* I’m already tired

5. *hopping on treadmill* Ughhhh. I’ll take it easy

6. Spend 5 minutes warming up and realize that my legs don’t feel half bad

6a. But it still early enough in the run that I still pretty much just want to stop. I’ll stare at the hot firefighters across the street. They’ll entertain me.

7. Pump my jams and increase speed from warm up to “oh hey I’m actually running quick” speed

7a. Gah I am so out of shape. When did this even happen?

8. All bets are off when a great song on my playlist comes on…speed increases a little more.

8a. This is funnnnnnn.

9. Wow, maybe I’m in better shape than I thought.

9a. I hope the person on the treadmill next to me isn’t racing me…

10. That was the best run ever, can’t wait until tomorrow!

10a. Now what’s for dinner?!


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4


Wednesday coffee date

I definitely spent all of yesterday 100% convinced that it was Wednesday. Nope, just Tuesday. Coffee is so needed this week. Daylight Savings has been so rude to me!

53BEC281-BEDD-4D75-802E-7B53B21B6DFD-5495-0000035C1DC99AD0_tmpWhich brings me to today’s virtual coffee date. Because what’s a conversation without caffeine, especially on hump day?! Grab your morning coffee (or other beverage of choice) and join in!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you:

I LOVE my new job. I love working with babies and ensuring that their little lives start off well and with lots of support. I love feeling appreciated and useful. I also love getting to wear scrubs and all of the free t-shirts the hospital gives employees

If we were having coffee I’d tell you:

It is so great to love running again  It’s exciting to be able to look forward to training and finding fun races to run. It’s been so long since I’ve had that “fire”

If we were having coffee I’d tell you:

The hardest part about moving is finding a new friend family. I miss my besties at home so much (and of course no one will ever replace them) but I can’t let myself wallow in any loneliness. Yoga definitely helps.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you:

I secretly love cold weather. I love bundling up, drinking tea, and lots of blankets. I think every other person in Atlanta would disagree!

I’d also want to tell you all of my current loves!

Current book: The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

Current go-to breakfast: Kind Peanut Butter granola with a mix of almond/coconut milk

Current feelings: homesick…my social media feed is blowing up with winter storm Stella pics and I miss the snow so much!

Current (non-caffeinated) drink: DRY cucumber sparkling water, OMG refreshing

Current running music: I am all about Spotify but I’ve discovered freaking love Ali on the Run’s podcast. A close second (ok a tie…) is still I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein

Current motto: Definitely got this from Ali on the Run’s interview with Emily Halnon (Sweat Once A Day) and adapted it to my own life. Marathoning: just a long day of sports with snacks 

Current zen: Thursday night yoga classes. My hip flexors and stress hormones thank me.

Current guilty pleasure: The Bachelor. No explanation needed.

Current excitement: So many cool races coming up! Peachtree Road Race in July and the NYC Marathon in November. I also found a super cool half marathon in September…there’s beer at the end y’all. Totally going to be registering for the Atlanta Craft Classic

Current love: All of the therapy dogs at work. I literally cannot even contain myself when I see them in the hall.

What would you want to talk about on a coffee date?!

💗 Nicole

30 day writing challenge: Day 3

Giving Tuesday, Team for Kids

Giving Tuesday: Bringing communities together

You guys, this is why I’m Running for Team For Kids.

Not because I get automatic entry into the New York City Marathon (although that is a definite perk).

Not because I get anything for free (I still will pay the full registration fee + airfare + hotels).

Not because it makes me “look good”.

But because Team For Kids helps to bring communities together, inspire goal setting, and boost self esteem of children across the country.

I work at a pediatric hospital and, day in and day out, I see how much an impact a child’s daily environment makes on their healing and happiness. So why not doing something to ensure that the community and support system is strong?

💗 Nicole

30 day writing challenge: Day 2 

Training Logs

Running recap: March so far


February 27-March 5 2017

  • 2/27- 2.5 miles easy, 10:00 min pace
  • 2/28 – rest day, sick
  • 3/1- 3.1 miles, 9:41 pace
  • 3/2- 3.2 miles (20 minute tempo with 10 minute super easy warm-up), 9:23 pace
  • 3/3- 2.5 miles super easy, 10:00 minute pace
  • 3/4- 2.3 mile easy social run, 10:52 pace
  • 3/5- rest day

Total mileage: 13.6 miles

Notes: most of this week I felt like total crud between a cold early in the week and super bad allergies/congestion the rest of the week 

Yoga classes: 0. I was scheduled to go on Thursday but ran instead because snotty downward facing dog did not sound appealing

March 6-12 2017 

  • March 6- 3 miles easy, 10:00 pace
  • March 7- 4 miles (1 mile easy warm-up and 3 miles tempo), 9:20 pace
  • March 8- 3 miles easy, 10:00 pace
  • March 9- restorative yoga
  • March 10- rest day!
  • March 11- 4.4 miles, 9:33 pace
  • March 12- 3 miles easy, 10:00 pace

Total mileage: 17.4 miles

Notes: Overall, this week was so much better running-wise! I got to leave work early a couple of days, which definitely helped with motivation. And less congestion = better running. 

Yoga classes: 1

Goals for this week: really…just to keep my mileage where it was last week. Not going to lie, it had been MONTHS since I ran anything over 15 miles per week. So, I kind of just want to keep myself at 17-18 per week for another couple of weeks. That way I don’t end up with some kind of freak injury from getting excited and running too much too soon. And of course, yoga.

Happy Monday!

Do you have any mileage goals for the week?

♥ Nicole

30 day writing challenge: Day 1 of 30