On Thursdays, we think out loud

Happy pre-Friday, friends!!! It’s Thursday and you know what that means…Thinking Out Loud!

-My charity auction ends on Sunday!!! Please please please check out the awesome swag that is up for bid. The first 4 people to bid today will automatically get a set of Brilliant Reflective strips! You can check out the charity auction here


-Weighted glute bridges are kicking my butt (har har har). Hips are my weak point so I’m trying to strengthen hamstrings/glutes and I definitely spent all of Wednesday hobbling up and down stairs. 2nd day soreness is so totally worse than day after soreness…


-I made overnight oats with chia seeds + Greek yogurt + blueberries & strawberries. I think I’m in love. I hate boring breakfasts but my motivation is literally -1000 when my alarm goes off (it’s a struggle to just stumble my way over to the coffee maker). So I think overnight oats are my new go to warm weather breakfast.


-I am totally obsessed with The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. So freaking GOOD! But also a little terrifying and jarring

-And I can’t resist…


Happy Star Wars day!

♥ Nicole


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