How to be awesome at everything (jk)

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Okay party people, it’s Wild Workout Wednesday and I’m linking up with  Fitful Focus, The Fit Foodie Mama, Fruition Fitness, and Pretty Little Grub.

For me, May is all about finding balance. A healthy balance. Since I’m definitely no expert on balance (yet), I’ve tried to compile an awesome resource for just “chilling out”. I may be in love with running and working out but let’s face it…it’s not my job and sometimes it’s nice to not take things so seriously.

Before I went away this past week I was OVER IT. Over work, over responsibilities, over the grind of work-gym-dinner-fundraise-rush. It took stepping back for a second and forgetting about everything “real” for a moment to realize that I can’t do everything all the time no matter what or I’ll go cray cray.

That’s not to say I’m about to give up on going to the gym or stop running altogether (let’s be honest, I’ll still probably go 4-5 days a week until marathon training starts), but if I re-realized anything on my girls’ weekend it’s that sometimes it’s nice to take a leisurely hike instead of worrying about when I’m going to run. Much balanced.

Why A Running Break Is Necessary

Balancing Life & Training 

Finding balance between running and everything else

How to create a balanced life

Without getting all mushy/deep, here is how I plan to enjoy this busy month:

  1. Keep going to yoga. It’s great “me” time.
  2. When I’m out of town/doing something, be ALL THERE. Don’t freak out over missing a run or lower mileage weeks. They’ll happen.
  3. I have very few free Saturdays this month, but I’d love to test out the waters with a running group. Social runs = the best runs and I’ve been missing the camaraderie of running with friends since moving away from home. (PS camaraderie is a hard a$$ word to spell. Totally had to consult the interwebs)
  4. Plan plan plan. The more I have written down, the more I can decide what I’m doing when.
  5. Veg out more in the evening. Once dinner is done, I’d like to be as screen free as possible.

How do you find balance?

♥ Nicole

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