The Boston Marathon

I’m linking up with Fitful Focus, The Fit Foodie Mama, Fruition Fitness, and Pretty Little Grub for Wild Workout Wednesday! Today’s topic: all about qualifying for the Boston Marathon!

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The Boston Marathon was on Monday and it always leaves me super inspired. It’s no secret, but qualifying is one of my long-term running goals. I’ve got some major work ahead of me, but it doesn’t hurt to think about it…

6 Training Habits That Lead to Boston Qualifying Times, according to Strava

The importance of easy runs!
A 10-step plan to qualify for the Boston Marathon

BUT. The more important aspect of qualifying for Boston is WHY you want it in the first place…

This essay Suz posted on her blog explains it all: getting a BQ shouldn’t rule your life and it shouldn’t be based on external factors (like glory, bragging rights, etc). Sure, it’s important but WHY do you want those things in the first place?

Last week, I talked about what Boston means to me, and all of those things still ring true.

Boston is the best because…of the history of the race. The course has been graced by so many amazing runners

Boston is the best because…of Katherine Switzer. Paving the way for women runners everywhere.

Boston is the best because…of the city. Beautiful, scenic, and literally just the best.

Boston is the best because…of the spectators. Can you say dedicated?

Why I’m not lacing up for the Boston Marathon hits on some of those ideas as well. I 100% see her point. But as a native New Englander and a lover of Boston, I can’t imagine not aiming to run through my favorite city in the world.

♥ Nicole

4 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon”

  1. This was going to be my year to BQ but my body had other ideas…it’s important to not hang all your hopes on one dream. Maybe I’ll get there someday!


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