Running recap: the week of cross training

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And now onto my week in review…

Quick recap:

  • Yoga by Candace and Yoga with Adriene are the freaking best
  • Foam rolling is my jam…
  • …and so is wearing compression socks
  • Focusing on recovery and quality workouts has been such a nice break from the pressure to run, run, run
  • I actually do like spending time on the bike, contrary to what I thought I’d feel.
  •  My faves for the week: watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Hulu and Halo Top ice cream

Running/cycling, April 10-16

Monday, 4/10 – rest, all day SON! Lots of stairs + standing at work. 15 minute yoga for athletes


Tuesday, 4/11 – 1 hour easy-ish ride (approximately 11 miles) on the spin bike + 15 minute yoga for hips + foam rolling

Wednesday, 4/12 – I contemplated going for a quick ride after work but decided to rest instead. 15 minute yoga for athletes + foam rolling (I also SPRINTED up a HILL to catch the bus in the morning…does that count?).


Thursday, 4/13 – Let me be real: I planned on doing a 30 minute spin before work but I definitely just slept in instead…1 hour restorative yoga class + foam rolling

Friday, 4/14 – super duper easy 2.8 mile run on the treadmill with my new shoes, 10:40 pace + 15 minute yoga for athletes. My calves definitely felt tight after the run but I didn’t have any pain, so I’m moving in a positive direction.

Saturday, 4/15 – 45 minute spin (approximately 8.5 miles) + lots and lots of walking. Again, tight calves after a whole afternoon of walking but no pain so…progress!

Sunday, 4/16 – 3.7 super easy outdoor run with my new shoes, 10:20 pace. Continuing on with the theme of tight calves but no pain, even going up hill! I also tried pretty hard to avoid tilt-y sidewalks.

Total mileage:

  • Running: 6.5 miles
  • Cycling: ~19.5

Yoga classes: 1 studio class + 5 practices at home

Notes: I really enjoyed my life of leisure this week. It was nice to do what I felt like when I felt like it. So refreshing, mentally and physically.

Goals for the week: New shoes are (obviously) here, so I plan to do another easy test run on the treadmill and see how I feel. I do not plan to run any consecutive days this week, even if I feel great on the treadmill. So, more cycling + easy runs. Plus: continue to foam roll, wear compression socks, and do yoga.

♥ Nicole

6 thoughts on “Running recap: the week of cross training”

  1. It looks like you had a great week! I’ve been working on doing more foam rolling and it definitely makes a big difference.

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  2. I hope to spend most of my summer this way! No hard training and running for fun! I really enjoy riding my bike too. I’ll continue to ride as cross training during this half marathon(s) training cycle. Thanks for linking, Nicole!

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