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Who RUNS the world? Girls.

I’m linking up with Fitful Focus, The Fit Foodie Mama, Fruition Fitness, and Pretty Little Grub today. And I’m also channeling my inner Beyonce today because I-85 is closed indefinitely through a super busy part of Atlanta and, as you can imagine, commuting has been FUN. Enter lots of caffeine and trying to be being awesome…


On Monday, I posted about this week being a reset week. Not necessarily a lazy week, but a week for me to get my bearings back after a ridiculously crazy time at work and a trip out of town over the weekend.

What does that even mean?

– Run what I feel like during the week instead of having a set schedule. Monday I rested and got cozy in bed early, Tuesday I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill while jamming out to Billy Joel. The best.

– Yoga? Maybe. I love love love yoga. But I also really like having more time at home. So this week, I’m going to trade going to the studio for yoga at home and more time to hang out with Hulu.

– Coffee. All the coffee. Made deliciously. With cream and maybe sugar instead of straight up like usual.


– But also hydrating to the max. Because no one likes dry skin and feeling more tired than necessary.

– Own that I need a breather. I didn’t post yesterday because I just needed to prep dinner for the week and veg out. It’s hard to relax when the to do list is growing but it’s necessary.

I kind of (okay definitely) am in love with not putting any sort of pressure on myself to do anything this week.

Today’s workout: (probably) a 30 minute run, (probably) on the treadmill with all my favorite tunes.

What are you up to on this wild workout Wednesday? How do you recharge after craziness ensues?

♥ Nicole

9 thoughts on “Who RUNS the world? Girls.”

    1. It is a miracle that no one was hurt! Thankfully traffic is down because of spring break this week but next week will be interesting to say the least! Slowly more and more roads are opening so let’s hope that continues!


  1. I’m a complete homebody. When the craziness hits, I just have to hang out at home for a few days and try to avoid the world as much as I can!

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  2. I’m feeling similarly in the need to take a breather. Life has been pretty hectic lately and I want to shift my focus on things that aren’t completely draining my energy!


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