Friday Five – TGIF y’all!!!

IT IS FRIDAY!!!! I can’t even. Today I am linking up with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy! This week’s theme is: food.


1. Like I mentioned yesterday, I am running to BRUNCH tomorrow! To a place called the Krog Street Market. It’s a totally hoppin’ place in Atlanta with so many options. Chicken & waffles? They’ve got it. Bubble tea? Yep. BBQ? Oh yeah. They also have sushi, smoothies, and so much more. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of happiness.


2. If you’ve never made Superhero Muffins from Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky’s cookbook, you are seriously. missing. out. I’m 100% making a gigantic batch of these this weekend because they make great portable breakfasts or snacks. And they’re just freaking delicious/actually filling which is so important when I’m on the go.

c/o Run Fast Eat Slow blog

3. Ok, I’m divulging this “secret” to training: Fig Newtons. Yep. Those weird hybrid cookies/dried fruit things that you probably ate in elementary school. I bring them with me on all my long runs and they are the perfect combination of carbs and sugar and don’t lead to any sort of GI distress. Fig Newtons + Swedish fish have gotten me through many a long run.

4. This isn’t running related but it’s so newsworthy. Atlanta’s first cat cafe is opening soon! I am a self professed cat lady so it will not shock me if I come home with a cat. Or two. Or three. Literally, coffee & cats are two of my favorite things in the WORLD! And the owner has an awesome Instagram feed full of adorable cat photos.

5. And finally, some thoughts about running + food. Because sometimes trying to eat healthy + have balance + also run can get complicated. It’s taken me quite a while to find some sort of balance and I toe that line between completely not caring and caring too much far often that I’d like to admit. So instead of being obsessive, I relax and eat to fuel my running vs running to eat. It’s a weird/different mindset from where I started off but it’s been such a good change.


Let me just say it again, TGIF!!!

What fun weekend plans do you have?

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14 thoughts on “Friday Five – TGIF y’all!!!”

  1. I think I have heard more about the Super Hero muffins, than of anything else in that book! Will have to test them out!

    Krog market sounds Amazing!


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