Giving Tuesday: My NYC Story

  • “Running gets my heart rate going, and it gets me enthusiastic about exercise in general. I get to be with my friends and have fun while I’m getting healthier.” – Aidan, 10

A lot of people assume that I’m fundraising just to get a bib. So that I don’t have to qualify or chance the lottery. But I’ve found myself looking at those people straight in the eye and saying, “If you think fundraising is the easy way out, you are so so wrong!”.

Like I’ve said before, fundraising is hard. Not for the faint of heart. I’m definitely a little faint of heart, ha.

But in reality, having the chance to run the New York City Marathon is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Because I’m running it with my best friend!

I remember the night it happened: we were sitting on our yoga mats, waiting for class to start. I ran my first marathon with this friend, I’ll call her C, and we somehow got on the topic of whether or not we’d ever run another marathon.

The answer was a resounding “meh”. At the time, C and I had just finished a half marathon together and were feeling pretty burned out re: the whole training thing. And then C said the words that launched this whole saga, “but I’d run the New York City Marathon if we could run it together.”

The rest was history, folks. We chose to raise money for charity because we desperately wanted to experience the race together. Being able to run such a legendary race together, especially now that we live hundreds of miles apart, means more to me than I can even put into words.

And we chose Team for Kids because it completely embodies our friendship. C and I met in middle school in science class and proceeded to run cross-country & track together until college. Running literally built our friendship. And having the support of a team taught us that, as teammates, we didn’t need to compete but we DID need to build each other up and work together to reach a goal.

  • “When I came in second, I congratulated the first place winner. That’s what sportsmanship is all about.” – Andy, 11

I know it sounds mushy, but I so would love to be able to give other children the opportunity to build strong connections and learn how to build up their teammates instead of constant competition. C and I started our friendship in the 7th grade…and now we’re 28 you guys. This is a lifelong friendship. Thanks to RUNNING! And I’d like to think that, although we’re both super driven people, having such a strong friendship and such a healthy outlook on life helped shape our future careers.

The number 1 rule of fundraising is to choose a cause you believe in. And I 100% believe in building friendships and lives through running.

So, this is why I’m offering fundraising prizes. Not because I simply need to reach a number, but because every single dollar will go towards helping children out there make a friend like I have in C…someone who will be there forever, no matter what!

How to donate

Where your donation goes-IMG_0354

♥ Nicole

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6 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday: My NYC Story”

  1. I 100% agree with you that fundraising is hard! I run a nonprofit with my husband and it’s a LOT of work! That is awesome that you are fundraising for a cause! And on the plus side you get to run the NYC Marathon.


  2. This is wonderful! I agree, fundraising is HARD! But I love that you and your friend will be running together. My best friend from kindergarten used to run in high school when I didn’t, and now our roles are reversed. One of these days we’ll run together. 😉


  3. So much luck with your fundraising! It is so hard, but it is really and truly rewarding beyond what you can imagine. You marathon experience will be even more profound because of it!


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