Sunday inspiration + 30 day writing challenge

Happy Daylight Savings! (Not!) It’s a dreary, rainy day here in the ATL which means it’s a perfect Sunday for LOTS of coffee, brunch, and preparing (mentally and physically) for the week ahead.

Today, that means compiling lots of things that make me feel cozy/happy/calm!

1. This picture has so much truth. I woke up yesterday morning feeling so blah about myself, my body, and my running progress lately. It was the first thing I saw when I logged into social media and, for once, it boosted my mood

Picture c/o Race Pace Jess

2. I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein…I’m pretty sure I learned about this podcast reading Janae’s blog and I love it. Any time I’m doing an easy run on the treadmill or stuck in afternoon traffic, this podcast is playing. It’s like a conversation with friends about running and is so motivating.

3. Salty Running is always such an inspiration. I love reading other runner’s training logs (is that lame?) and I love reading about running in general. If there’s something I want to know about being a badass female runner, I go to Salty Running.

4. Sarah Marie Design Studio has me drooling over runner things all the dang day long. This mug was MADE for my poor toenails. After my first marathon, I had so many toe issues…it’s always nice to find something to make light of serious but hilarious runner issues

Link to the mug here!

5. A 30 day writing challenge! Inspiration for this came from SoCal Runner Gal‘s day in the life post (which is motivating on its own!!) Starting today, my goal is to write something (anything) every day. It helps to be able to blather on about running and fundraising and future training plans here so my family doesn’t get to eye roll levels.

Now excuse me while I prepare to go eat an omelette the size of my head #brunchgoals

How do you prepare for Monday?

Do you love brunch?!

What are your go-to running podcasts or sites?

♥ Nicole

4 thoughts on “Sunday inspiration + 30 day writing challenge”

  1. I too spend Sunday preparing in all ways for the week ahead. Usually for me that means making lunches for the whole week, laundry, cleaning the house and catching up on anything that fell behind during the week. I guess it’s not too fun, but I do feel better when it’s all done!


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