March Goals

Literally every year, I wake up on March 1 and think to myself “I can’t believe it’s March already”. This morning was no different. I will continue to be amazed that it’s March first until the end of time.


2017 started off pretty on a pretty stressful tone with moving and new job starting. So instead of making one, overarching resolution that I knew I’d never keep I decided to make small, monthly goals that I know I can attain. I’m all about setting myself up for success, even if that means redefining success.

Goals for the month:

  1. Register for the Peachtree Road Race (100% did that at soon as I got up this morning so…check)
  2. Continue going to yoga once a week
  3. Finish reading a book (I started The Nest in January and have been perpetually stuck at 1/4 done)
  4. Mail a big batch of fundraising letters
  5. Do my “dream run”: run from my apartment to Krog Street Market for brunch

And of course…

February highlights:

  1. Walked the Beltline with friends
  2. Ran a 5k with my husband and enjoyed the small race benefit of getting 2nd in my age group with a not so “2nd in my age group” time
  3. Learned how to get to and from work without getting lost (most of the time)
  4. Cooked at home more! A complete win since cooking at home used to be a struggle
  5. Marked my 1 month anniversary at my new job and still enjoying every second

Happy March!!

♥ Nicole


6 thoughts on “March Goals”

  1. Love your goals for this month! It looks like we both want to make Yoga a regular part of our workout routines! I have yet to finish a book this year, which is ridiculous, so I’m going to try to work on that this month!


  2. A move AND a new job? Dang girl! I know what you mean about March always sneaking up on us, but I bet all of your life changes are making time go by even faster! Congrats on getting registered for Peachtree (isn’t it super hard to get into?). Signing up for races always gives me motivation!


    1. A new job alone has made time fly by! But at least I’m enjoying every second! And it typically is a lottery system for Peachtree but since I’m an Atlanta Track Club member I get guaranteed entry…definitely a major perk


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